Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The storm

The storm
Anger enters you like a storm a storm that was kept up waiting, watching, getting ready to explode. Incompetance, meaness feed that fire of a storm until it erupts, consuming and overwelming you. It takes strong self-control to contain it and not let it effect others. What do i say when i don't know how to explain? What do i do when i feel betrayed? What do i feel when i am deserted? When i repair a relationship but then am shunned from both, what can i say? Pain and lonliness sweep around me, pulling at the defences that protect me. Im being swept away! THERE, a hand... a hand that symbolizes friendship, a hand that will help me up. It's my sister, the one who came after me, to help me out of the emotions... love, she keeps me safe as i struggle to my feet...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Help the ones risking their lives.

Its been awhile.. but i still don't know much to say. I've heard so much and some of them are like huge wake up calls that should be heard by everyone. One such thing was, I was listening to the radio and there was this program about how soldiers with post w/e sydrome thing that just makes you go insane. I heard about how horrible it can be after seeing things happen like your friends blow up or have an arm blown off. And i can see why it would make you go insane, humans aren't made for violence. What made this worse was the fact that when they get transferred back to the U.S. they aren't taken care of by the army. They should be getting counciling and other things that are known to help but no the army doesn't do this. At most they will give pills and medication. Now i don't believe in war or violence to a degree, a little wrestling and sibling fights is fine, but when you get to the level of people getting seriously hurt thats just wrong. But the fact that the people who are willing to fight get treated like trash and it changes them and their families forever. I don't think anyone should be treated like this, who has done so much.