Tuesday, February 27, 2007

life and friends

Well im kinda bord but i started thinking about life and friends well duh thats kinda the title. Life... what is it? whats this force that keeps us alive? what is just the meaning of life period? Those are kinda hard questions to answer but we can get smaller... How do we interact with others in life? We love we hate we trust etc... But there are always rifts in relationships they can be small like ripples in a pond or they can be big like waves in a ocean. The point of friendship is to build that love and trust up so when the time comes, in which the waves pound all around us and we're so confused that we will recover. I've only suffered one strong friendship that tore apart but it was horrible and hurts me to this day.. I've realized now what i really didn't do there... i didn't share my thoughts something that was just of me... Some trait or some thought that is from your very soul. This can strengthen friendships beyond bounds, you need trust but once it builds its hard to destroy. I am so confused sometimes and i just need to lean on my friends to get me through, friends that i love and trust so much....

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