Monday, February 26, 2007


We look around us and we see a society built by generations of people, our ancestors... but when we look around do we really like it? We see problems everywhere in are society economics and basic humanitarian needs. Sure theres the big stuff like Darfur and Global warming but what about the smaller things? The things we don't notice? Things like societys effect on children and teens. Its all about violence and sex these days. Many teen aren't even aware of the horrors in this world. They don't realize that little girls make there shoes for a penny or not even that. What have we created this generation into?!?! they aren't aware, they care about whats around them. We have everything from music to TV that effects them. Music can promote sex and cussing while TV is the same. Teens are so manipulative were in the developement stage were seeing new things all the time. But if we just let are selfish wanting get in the way were not well off at all.... We should all be aware of whats happening in the world and to us. And make a stand to not become in to monstors....



oooooh, FINALLY! i swear its taken u long enough!

but yes, i know, u know, but they don't know. keep typing, lovey, keep on typing!

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deaths'_closet said...

wow that was soo true most people r blind these days to everything cruel in the world and when they do find out they hate humanity, but the irony is that the people who hate humanity cause all of the crime *sigh* soo sad.